Consumer Product Safety

Huntley-Fenner Advisors provides research-based consumer product safety advisory and analytic services, both proactively, during product design, and post-product release.

Our Consumer Product Hazard Analysis (CPHASM) process has significantly reduced the potential for harm involving our clients’ products.  To mitigate risk, we draw on injury statistics, customer comment data, published and unpublished research and our extensive real-world experience with adverse events that have resulted in recalls or product liability litigation.

Child with plug

Project examples include:

  • Evaluating products for potential hazards going beyond required testing and consistent with reasonable and foreseeable use or misuse.
  • Reworking design to reduce potential for unintentional child access to hazardous components.
  • Developing appropriate comparative risk analysis for novel products with sparse or non-existent safety record history.
  • Developing instructions and warnings in response to potential hazards.
  • Preparing hazard analyses focusing on children, teens, the elderly and the disabled.